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Vonmac offers a complete design and construction service from project concept to post project monitoring.

Geotechnical Investigation

This is an essential building block for the design to proceed, and Vonmac can provide a complete geotechnical investigation and analysis service.

Concept Development

This phase of any project is the most rewarding and exciting.

Vonmac aims to embrace and understand the client’s objectives and turn them into a design that is practical, constructible and ultimately functional, satisfying all the client’s needs.

Structural Design

Vonmac’s design and engineering consultants carry out the required structural analysis utilising the geotechnical report along with the client’s specific requirements to produce the project design documentation suitable for construction. Ongoing client interaction is necessary and always encouraged in this process to ensure that the final design reflects the client’s brief in every way.

Building and Planning Approval

Vonmac works in a cooperative manner with relevant government bodies and environmental agents to ensure that the client’s requirements can be implemented in harmony with the local legal, cultural heritage and environmental regulations.

We take great pride in our project management and documentation to ensure all OH&S, quality assurance and environmental plans exceed expectations with the aim to have all projects proceed as smoothly as possible.


Vonmac operates a rubber track mounted truck-crane, a low ground pressure vehicle specifically purchased to ensure minimal environmental disturbance occurs in accessing the site as well as carrying out the construction phase.


Vonmac utilises consultants to provide post project monitoring as required by the client. This can be from simple survey monitoring to a comprehensive analysis of many water quality parameters and environmental indicators.

Product Quality Assurance
Vonmac uses cutting edge recycled plastic technology. Vonmac implement product quality control to validate the structural properties of Plastipile™ as it is manufactured.