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Due to its unique, patented interlocking geometry, it can be joined on 1, 2, 3 or 4 sides in a modular manner to form a watertight structure of infinite width or length.

Plastipile™ is made from recycled plastic waste embracing new technology that produces a structurally sound, solid plastic pile.

Some fields of application include:

Wetland rehabilitation:
Weir structures with water regulators, carp screens and fish passages

Marina developments:
Wharves, jetties and water edge treatment for wave mitigation

Tank walls

Industry and council:
Chemical barriers, effluent evaporation basins

Erosion control:
Seawalls, check dams

Canal walls, groynes, pump wells, bulkheads

Features Benefits
Recycled plastic Reduces landfill
Solid profile Conventional driving methods
Impact tolerant
Flexible Tolerates ground movement
Impact resistant
Watertight seal No seal required
Interlocking geometry Flexibility in structured design
Buoyant and lightweight Ease of installation
Pest resistant Low maintenance
No rot or rust Low maintenance
Non-obtrusive structure Minimal disturbance
Smooth finish Ease of handling


Plastipile™ Plastic Sheet Piles are driven into the ground using specialised pile driving equipment, either working from a barge over water, or from the bank as required.

Plastipile can be used in conjunction with water regulating gates, fish passages, trash racks, carp screens, causeways, and walkways as required. Erosion projection mats and 'earth anchors' can also be incorporated into the design as required.


Currently Plastipile is available in 100 mm x 100 mm modules. The piles are made by continuous extrusion; therefore the length of the pile can be manufactured as required. This offers incredible flexibility of design.

Patent Pending No. 1472/02
Registered Design No. 151017

Approximately 900 kg per cubic metre.

pfpm 100 plain-female-plain-male 100 x 100 mm
pfmm 100 plain-female-male-male 100 x100 mm

*Specifications may change without notice.