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Vonmac Pty Ltd was formed in 2002 to develop, manufacture and market Plastipile™ Plastic Sheet Piling, an environmentally responsible and sustainable engineering solution for wetland rehabilitation and marine structures.

The globally patented Plastipile is manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia from recycled plastic. Our team can design and construct regulators, erosion protection walls, weirs and more in infinite formations, to suit your requirements. Plastipile's unique design allows low impact installation methods to reduce disturbance to environmentally sensitive or archaeologically significant sites.

Vonmac is passionate about the preservation and conservation of our wetlands and water resources for future generations.


Vonmac is a 100% Australian owned company, and a member of the Water Industry Alliance.

Vonmac Company Profile

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Vonmac has recently exported and installed 6 weirs to Indonesia as a trial project for a large fibre plantation water management system. The Plastipile weirs have been installed in tropical peatlands to improve the management of water levels below the peat surface reducing the rate of peat subsidence and peat degradation. This translates to low carbon emissions and improves the productivity and longevity of the fibre plantations.

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